Your individually prepared workshop

Your needs are as unique as your company works.


Accordingly, we tailor our offers to what you really need, for example:


A new website for one-man operation?

We create this with the software from Wix, write texts for you and take over the marketing advice. In a mini-workshop we will then show you how you can easily maintain it yourself in the future without incurring any additional costs.


Social media in a 3-person operation?

Simply outsource these (or other) tasks to us and we will support you with our specialist knowledge before we tell you in a small workshop how you can work in the future.


Process optimization in SME operations with 15 employees?

We check your processes, analyze them and then work out in a workshop with you adjustments for optimal output.


Team development with "only" 20 employees?

Experience has shown that little is done here due to a lack of capacity - because who has the knowledge and the time to promote the actually functioning team? This is definitely worth it!
In this master thesis , you can read how employee satisfaction - even if it already shows high values ​​- can be improved and the company can be more successful.




Let us talk about how we can support you efficiently, precisely and promisingly!



Off to your very personal workshop


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