Start-up competition

We are giving away 3 start-up packages for small companies (1-5 employees) every year because we know from our own experience that any help is welcome, especially in the early stages of setting up a company.


Our start-up package worth CHF 2,000 includes:

  • Analysis of your business plan , if available. Optional discussion of your ideas and implementation options (2 hours).

  • Brainstorming, Q&A in general (1 hour)

  • Basic website design with Wix , max. 3 pages including text in one language, without shop. Domaing and Wix package costs at your expense.

  • Marketing / coaching of your choice (3 hours)


In return for our support, allow us to list you on our website as a reference.



How can I win?

Send us an e-mail ( with the subject: Competition. Add a meaningful document (text, drawing, collage, ...) that explains exactly why you would be happy to receive support. Your creativity knows no limits. Please give us your contact details on a separate sheet so that we can send you the good news if there are any.


This contest runs indefinitely, with the winners being drawn at the end of September, February and June.



Go for it!


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Please contact us by mail - we gladly call back.

As of Feb 2019

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