Personality profiles

The scientifically based personality analysis of the renowned Danish provider e-stimate® quickly shows the strengths and weaknesses and makes self-image vs. external image clear.


Use this simple opportunity to get to know your employees even better and to use and promote them efficiently based on your profile. Our experience shows that this way of appreciating your employees triggers an incredible motivation boost.


Regardless of whether you are looking for new employees and this analysis when recruiting

or whether you are forming a new team within your company

want - thanks to the knowledge you have about the personality of your employees

can win, it is much easier.


This quick and inexpensive test supports you with important findings

and complements your gut feeling when recruiting and leading your team.


More information about e-stimate® can be found here.




A personality profile has its own entertainment value. It is common to all providers that these profiles are generally formulated positively. Instead of "chattering without end" there is more "strong communication", which sounds much better. And even though there are people who consume such profiles similarly to horoscopes, such analyzes have much more to offer: a scientifically sound analysis shows one's own behavior, highlights strengths and weaknesses and provides clues for one's own further development. Thanks to the support of a coach who is trained to read between the lines, you can optimize yourself and discover new pages that move you forward.

You, illuminated from all sides


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