Not just for the big ones: marketing

It doesn't really matter whether your company has 1000 or 3 employees - your offer has to be placed in the market either way and appeal to customers. However, the large company has the advantage that its financial position allows it to have its own departments for various processes, such as human resources, accounting, marketing.

If you look a little jealous of these resources, keep in mind that there are also disadvantages: such a large device quickly becomes clumsy and the interaction between different departments can go terribly wrong. And we don't want to think about the agility of such organizations.


Your big advantage - as an SME you can react much more flexibly. Your team size enables you to keep an overview and your knowledge covers all processes within your company.


And yet there is only a limited amount of working time available to you - and this also has to be split into numerous tasks. Wouldn't it be great if you could outsource individual tasks to a competent body?


There is a high probability that you have already done this with your accounting, because it involves a lot of time-consuming work.

And then you may have stopped using third parties because you simply don't have the funds to do it.


The support pays off in other areas as well: when it comes to marketing your products, it quickly pays off to survive on the market professionally and imaginatively and to always buy changing marketing knowledge.

Ideally, ask an experienced sparring partner for help only where you need it.


Marketing - not just for the big ones

Marketing ideas for SMEs


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