Because your SME can play with the big ones

The Swiss corporate landscape is not dominated by large companies with more than 250 employees, but so-called small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs): 99.7% of companies in Switzerland are classified as SMEs according to the latest provisional figures from the Federal Statistical Office. Small and micro companies with fewer than ten employees are the most common form of SME with almost 90% of the companies. The two other forms of SMEs, namely small and medium-sized companies, make up less than one in ten companies in Switzerland: 8.4% of the companies are small companies with 10 to 49 employees and just 1.5% of the companies are medium-sized companies with 50 to and with 249 employees (BfS, 2018a).
(Source: Alexander Fust, Urs Fueglistaller, Christoph Brunner, Alexander Graf: Swiss SMEs. An analysis of the latest figures - 2019 edition. OBT and KMU-HSG 2019.)


But despite these numbers, one notices that often only the big companies are noticed. Because they have a department for every process and a budget that allows them to do everything.


The small companies are in no way inferior to these in terms of services and products - on the contrary!


Smaller companies in particular often put a lot of passion into their product and are personally interested in how it is received in the market. But passion alone is often not enough for a successful market presence.


Thanks to our tailor-made offers, your SME business can keep up. We are happy to accompany you, regardless of whether


  • You need your own website that doesn't cost you an arm and a leg

  • You need support in choosing suitable new employees who fit into the team

  • You need professional texts that are not 08/15

  • You want to develop your team further

  • You need specific marketing advice

  • You are looking for a sparring partner for refreshing concepts

  • You want to do marketing but don't know how to do it.



And the great thing about it: You have no fixed costs, but benefit precisely from the specialist knowledge that you need, at fair conditions.


We specialize in supporting small and medium-sized companies with our offers. We offer them services that otherwise only large providers can afford - because we are convinced that small, motivated companies in particular have a lot to offer. And because we think that they can easily play with the big ones.


We would be happy to find out with you how we can support you and invest our heart and soul into your success.



By the way: We have been able to learn and implement a great deal in the somewhat larger companies in recent years. Although they mostly have their own know-how, they also like to use external service providers on a project basis. Your benefit: we also know major challenges and can scale them to any size of company.


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