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The web-based personality analysis tool for
e-stimate® enables quick and thorough knowledge of your own behavior as well as strengths and weaknesses.

The e-stimate® instrument is an effective tool for assessing skills, strengths and dispositions based on a detailed personality profile. It helps to recognize how our personality influences our behavior, what is easy for us to handle and which activities are difficult for us. You can also see that only certain professional activities and a suitable environment contribute significantly to satisfaction. Thanks to these findings, it is easier to orientate yourself in such a way that the greatest possible satisfaction is achieved.


The model of the "round circle" that is used in the profiles of e-stimate® is called the interpersonal circumplex model. This is based on the thoughts of social psychologist George M.Head. It is important to realize that personality differences are social phenomena. The personality maintains a balance between strategic behavior and appropriate restraint.

The e-stimate® questionnaire is based on the "Big Five", which represent the most recognized research in the field of personality tests. The Circumplex model is created on the basis of 30 personality traits in different intensities. This clearly shows you how you "tick" yourself without trying to make comparisons with other people - because each of us is unique!

Behavior = personality x situation

You can find more detailed information in the master's thesis on the topic.

And in this demo report you can see what awaits you in more detail.


Scientifically based profiles


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