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Life itself can sometimes be confusing. Be it professional advancement or personal questions - each of us sometimes needs help.


Coaching is a pragmatic way of managing everyday life and successfully going your own way.


Based on our own experience, we are particularly fond of caring for relatives : if someone in the family becomes seriously ill, the patient is usually taken care of (and that's right!). But the surrounding area also suffers from such a situation and does not allow itself to draw attention to it - that would be even nicer ... Are you in such a situation and just need someone to talk to (absolutely confidential) or others Support, contact us so we can suggest how we can be by your side.


Tomorrow you will be what you think today. Buddha






Diagnosed pathological disorder according to WHO / ICD 10


Explicitly target even serious problems


The therapist usually determines the process and takes responsibility for it



The therapist is the professional expert


Mostly deep private or personal (psychological) difficulties considering the individual life story The causes can also be far behind.


The lower the client's abilities for functional self-management and the deeper the emotional problem (should) be addressed, the more likely psychotherapy may be necessary.





Coaching sees itself as goal-oriented, scientifically sound and professional psychological diagnosis, intervention and evaluation for job-related and personal questions. The job of coaching is to support customers, to find and / or achieve professional and personal goals.


How do coaching and psychotherapy differ?







Customer stress feelings without diagnostic classification


Unsuitable for serious psychological problems


The coaching and the customer together determine the content and process.

The client remains responsible for his actions


The client is the expert in finding solutions


The focus is on the desire to clarify current professional, private, personal or related concerns of the customer


The greater the client's abilities for functional self-management and the lower the emotional depth of the issues addressed, the more likely psychological counseling or coaching seems to make sense.





The coach's job title is not protected and it seems to have become somewhat fashionable to offer yourself as a coach, even if the associated in-depth training and experience is lacking.


When choosing your coach, consider his professional background, his school backpack and his previous work. And only allow yourself to be accompanied after a first free short conversation, in which you can determine how great the sympathy is.


This is how a coaching usually works:


Entry: intent and motivation
Here we clarify what has to happen for you in the here and now so that today's coaching has paid off for you.


Sharpen focus: describe starting point, diagnose, formulate concrete questions
Your situation description makes the topic, concerns and questions understandable and we find out exactly what it is about. This phase should help you to formulate your current question about the coaching sequence as precisely as possible.


Work and change phase
The work phase is based on the previous result. It is supported by discussions and cross-method approaches that help broaden perspectives and options for action.


Practice transfer: reflection and measures
Here we reflect on the current results and use them to define the appropriate, beneficial and concrete next steps in your everyday life.


Conclusion: evaluation and further procedure
At the end, we review the intentions of the coaching initially stated and evaluate the current collaboration. We will discuss whether you would like a further session (also possible online), whether you can contact us again if necessary or whether the coaching can already be completed - just as it is right for you.




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