Our offer for business coaching

Life itself can sometimes be confusing. Be it professional advancement or personal questions - each of us sometimes needs help.

Coaching is a pragmatic way of managing everyday life and successfully going your own way.


Problems are particularly common in the workplace, which are difficult to meet due to a lack of familiarity. Managers in SMEs like to be stuck in a complicated sandwich position and are quite lonely due to the lack of equal work colleagues, so that an exchange is not possible. In a business coaching course, absolute confidentiality is guaranteed, so that all open worries and problems can be addressed and you can simply find new ways and solutions thinking out loud.


To see clearly, a change in the direction of view is often sufficient. ”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Common questions for business coaching are:


  • How do I deal with changes?

  • How do I differentiate myself?

  • How can I improve my leadership skills?

  • How do I deal with emotions in the job?

  • How do I improve my stress management?

  • How do I achieve more serenity?

  • How do I define my role at work?

  • How do I master my leadership role?

  • How do I balance work and private life?

  • How do I meet expectations - or define myself?


The personality analysis of e-stimate® serves as the basis for this coaching. Supplemented with your personal questions, we will get you on track.








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