Accompanying relatives

It gets personal here, because our own experiences make this offer possible.


When a loved one becomes seriously ill in the immediate vicinity, it also pulls the ground away from their relatives. However, in contrast to the patient, they receive no support. And often they don't dare to look for them either, because they are ashamed to think of themselves in such a difficult situation.


We have learned that it helps the patient a lot to know that his environment can cope with the situation. And that it makes the situation more bearable if you can just tell what is bothering you somewhere without any evaluation.


Not everyone is looking for the help of a psychologist right away - apart from the fact that many psychologists are so busy that they cannot accept new patients at all. Often you don't need intensive psychological help and you already benefit from taking advantage of coaching.


Please contact us for your personal offer.


We are happy to refer to the book published by the Wörterseh publishing house, in which you can read what the companionship of a beloved sick partner looked like.


We help you to help


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