Personality & communication


By recognizing your own personality, whether for an individual or as a team player, new paths open up that not only inspire, but also lead to success.


The scientifically based personality profiles we use build the base for your next steps.

Together we optimize your communication and ensure that your environment recognizes who you really are.

We look forward to be on your side!

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Small businesses and private persons

Small and medium-sized companies often do not have the resources to act professionally. Nevertheless, they have to exist in a market in which many large providers with a corresponding budget or their own specific departments are at work. We think it is time for small businesses to get to team development, marketing knowledge and an attention-grabbing website as simply as possible.



Use our individually designed offers for your company and benefit from great know-how and experience at unbeatable conditions. Our offer includes:


  • Team profiles

  • Business coaching

  • Marketing advice

  • Your website (layout / design / texts)

  • Texts

  • Workshops



Even as a private person you want to make the best appearance. Based on a scientifically based personality profile, it is possible to define new ways and goals.


Of course we are also happy to help private individuals,who want to change or need support.

Use our services for:


  • Personality profile

  • Personal coaching

  • Application support

  • Accompanying relatives

  • Texts

Coaching ♦ Marketing ♦ Texts ♦ for SME ♦ and private persons unites different departments in one place and makes them available primarily to small companies (SMEs) but also to private individuals .


To successfully support your company, we rely on communication and personality :

In the area of communication , we not only support you with tailor-made texts for every need, but also with ideas for ideal customer contact and the content of your market presence.

It doesn't matter whether you simply lack the right words for a "nice" reminder or the right slogan for your business idea. Or whether you want to support your virtual appearance with creative texts. We are at your side to find the right words.

As a special service you can use our website design from AZ. We use the Wix software and build your personal website on it. We bring in your values ​​and analyze your target group beforehand so that we don't miss the audience. We make design suggestions, search for suitable images (if not available) and write attractive texts. You benefit from our many years of marketing experience as well as from our top spring. If you are online and we have also optimized your findability on the net, you decide how to proceed.

  • Would you like to have blog texts written and updated regularly? Of course.

  • Would you like nothing more from us at the moment? No problem, we won't press you.

  • Do you want to keep your website up to date but don't have a budget for it? Thanks to Wix, it is child's play to maintain the website. We will show you how and are available for questions.


And what about personality ?


There is a lot of your own personality in your company, regardless of whether it is a one-man operation or larger. The better this personality is known, the more successful the company is.


As the basis for our coaching, we therefore rely on the scientifically founded personality profiles of e-stimate®, the leading Danish provider. Using an online questionnaire, many of your settings are queried and analyzed using a sophisticated, validated system so that the result is a surprisingly clear picture of yourself. It quickly becomes clear where your strengths and weaknesses lie and also the comparison of self-image vs. Foreign image is very revealing. Based on these findings, you will be able to strengthen your resources and make a successful start to new goals, however you want them to look. You can freely decide whether you only need support for a specific situation or whether an experienced sparring partner should remain by your side, especially in the start-up phase of a company or project.


All of our offers work on a modular basis and you pick exactly the offers that are right for you.


Although we were all also active in large companies, our lifeblood is for the smaller companies, which often have to be much more creative with their marketing francs. We enthusiastically share the enthusiasm of real entrepreneurs who act close to the market and whose resources are not (yet) endless.

Above all, we keep an eye on your budget, because from our own experience we know how quickly the cash registers can be empty before money really comes in. Of course, you do not enter into any long-term obligations with us, but pay exactly what you need on terms that are based on your options.


Think of Comate as your personal coach for your business questions from AZ. As your own marketing department. Or as your text agency. Also as your brainstorming partner. And last but not least as your business angel.


We look forward to your challenge in the field of coaching, marketing and text!


By the way: we are also happy to support private individuals on their way. Regardless of whether a text is required here, application documents have to be optimized or individual coaching for a specific problem arises, we are your “comate” here too (= freely translated: buddy).